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Way to go Chris & Team Elite. Team Adventures happening here! Thanks to everyone for taking the time out of their day to make this adventure a fun one. I'm glad everyone enjoyed themselves and had a great time. I love all of the support, but what's more enjoyable is seeing just ...

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Benefits Of Stretching Before Exercising

People who remember the mandatory stretching from gym class in high school may wonder if all that stretching is really necessary. They may be tempted to skip the stretching and launch straight into their robust exercise routine, or they may assume that since they only plan on doing light exercise ...

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Benefits Of Running

Running is a form of exercise that is easy to undertake. No equipment is needed and there is no specific routine to which an exerciser needs to adhere. The only requirements are some stretching to warm-up and loosen muscles and a decent pair of running shoes. As time goes on, ...

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