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Benefits Of Stretching Before Exercising

Max'd Out StretchingPeople who remember the mandatory stretching from gym class in high school may wonder if all that stretching is really necessary. They may be tempted to skip the stretching and launch straight into their robust exercise routine, or they may assume that since they only plan on doing light exercise stretching is not really needed. While there is still much debate over whether stretching should be completed before or after exercising, here are three benefits of stretching before exercising.

Mentally Prepare for Exercise


One of the benefits of stretching before exercising is that it mentally prepares people for exercise. People who feel too tired to hit the gym or the running trails right away can take a minute of stretching to prepare themselves to have the best workout possible. Then they will be ready to give it their all.

Loosens Up Stiff Bodies


Stretching before exercising also loosens up stiff bodies that have been sitting in desks or standing in one position for too long. A little stretching and active movement allows joints to move more freely so people do not injure themselves while exercising.

Boosts Circulation


Finally, stretching before exercising boosts blood circulation through the body. This is important because blood carries oxygen and nutrients that muscles need to perform their best. Stretching brings muscles the blood they need so they do not feel so sore and achy after exercising.


Ideally, a good exercise program should include a little light stretching before exercise and a more thorough stretching routine after exercising. Not only does stretching improve physical performance and reduce the risk of injuries and pains, but it simply feels good as well. Speaking to a qualified trainer and searching the Internet are two good ways for people to find some helpful stretches to try.


May 8, 2014 | Health Tips & Class Info | Comments Off on Benefits Of Stretching Before Exercising